Legal Services for Disability in Alaska

Social Security is a benefits program funded by the federal government which gives financial assistance to not only retired and survivor’s persons, but to disabled workers and their dependents as well. Disabled workers and dependents receive 19% of the total amount of Social Security funds available. That means in 2011, 10 million disabled workers and their dependents across the nation will receive $1,068 on average per month (from

Are you an Alaskan resident and wondering if you could qualify for some financial assistance for your disability? Have you been disabled and unable to work for an extended period of time? There are some necessary criteria to be met before you can be considered disabled, but even if you meet them you still have to fill out an application. Once your application is submitted, there are four steps to approval in the event that an application is rejected on any one step. In these steps your application is reviewed by various judges and legal councils. The majority of applicants who apply are denied at the first step because the Office of Adjudication and Review (ODAR) simply does not have enough offices across Alaska to handle the volume of appeals. As a result, it may take up to a year to receive approval. However, with the assistance of an attorney practiced in Alaskan disability law, you can skip some of the steps in the application process to more quickly receive approval for the funds that the government has granted for your benefit.

Legal help is less costly then you might think. We offer our professional services as an effort to help you find the best opportunities for support. Even if we just look over your application, we can make sure it has been filled out correctly and that it includes all the necessary information for it to be accepted.